Why you should get your property listed before the end of the year

Deciding when it is best to list your property can be a rather difficult task. It might be hard to pinpoint an ideal time of the year to list your property as the market can be rather unpredictable, especially since Brexit.

However, what can be assured is that listing your property before Christmas can certainly come with several advantages.

We all know the property market can be unpredictable at best. Especially throughout 2016 with Brexit and the collapsing property prices that followed.

Being noticed

Chances are there will be fewer competing properties so you will most likely stand out from the crowd. With less properties for serious buyers to peruse, you’re likely to receive much more attention from these people looking to relocate.

Serious buyers

There’s no messing around in November and December when it comes to buyers in the market for a property.

In other words, you know that these guys are serious when it comes to making that all important offer for your property. Buyers tend to move for a specific reason; it could be a new baby on the way or a new job, and what better time for them to move into their property? The first month of the year after Christmas! With serious and motivated buyers looking at your property, the selling process is likely to be a lot quicker, and possibly smoother.

Avoid the rush

Naturally, most people tend to think of selling their property during the spring months. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad option, it can come with some disadvantages.

Property prices tend to boom in these months. In reality, this means you may overprice your property and it may stagnate on the market. You might also get a lot more eyes on your property, but not necessarily any serious offers on the table. Selling your property now can be quicker, more efficient and can result in a better price for your home.

Avoid the unpredictability of 2017

We all know the property market can be unpredictable at best, especially throughout 2016 with Brexit and the collapsing property prices that followed in some areas.

However, prices have stabilised and are currently running steady in Scotland. This isn’t to say that 2017 might, once again, see property prices stagnate and, even worse, fall as many studies and reports suggest.

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