VMH “Hello, Spring!”

After a long Winter and the announcement of the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Spring has arrived just in time.

While we are restricted by our current situation, we can still enjoy some of what spring has to offer. Here are some Spring ideas to keep up busy…






Spring symbolises new beginnings and fills us with hope and happiness. This is particularly important just now and we should grab it with both (sanitised) hands!

We all know that Spring Cleaning is supposed to lift our mood, but how many of us really get stuck in? It seems to us that there could be no better time to start than now! So lets keep ourselves busy, lift morale and, at the end of it all, have a home to be proud of.

Spring Cleaning Musts
  • No matter where you are, there is nothing better than the sun streaming in your windows. But have you looked at your windows lately? Winter tends to have us closing the curtains and avoiding cleaning windows. So open them up and make them sparkle, getting some fresh air at the same time!
  • Spruce up your entrance. Dust down your door mat and polish the door handle. Bring the aromas of Spring into your hallway by displaying reed diffusers, freshly cut flowers or scented plants.
  • Got some spare paint? Why not add accent colours in different rooms. Use colourful pillows, candles and art work to change your decor from Winter to Spring.
  • De-Clutter! Box up your winter wardrobe and throws and store them away.
  • Spring Cleaning… it may feel like we are endlessly cleaning just now. But grab your marigolds and get stuck into areas you forget about, like under the bed and sofa, kitchen cupboards, shoe racks… the list is endless!
Mother Nature

Spring brings sunshine and colour to the outdoors, which has never been so important to us as it is now. Since the limits on our activities have been put into place, we have all fallen in love with nature and appreciate just how important it really is.

Now is the perfect time to take a little pride in your garden, whether its communal, private, a small patio or a balcony. This is your safe haven! So clear debris, pull up those weeds and hose down your patio. When you are on your quick, once a day (or once a week) shop, why not pick up some seeds or potted plants to add some colour and scent.

Craft idea:  why not get the kids involved by making bird feeders? There are lots of online tutorials

Not got a garden space? We strongly advise you stick to the governments regulations, but try to take the positives where you can. Enjoy some fresh air, go for walks and get the kids on their bikes and scooters! It really is the best way to clear your head and get away from it all!

Well, what are you waiting for? Spring in to action now!

Whilst our offices are closed, the business is still very much open. Our staff are here for you, working from home. Contact us on 0131 622 2626 or email us enquiries@vmh.co.uk