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Stay Warm & Cosy this Winter

With the long nights drawing in and the temperatures falling, it’s important to get your home ready for the cold. But, besides sticking the heating on and throwing on a jumper, what else can you do to make sure you stay warm and cosy this winter? 




Stop draughts

When the heating is on, make sure it’s not just going to waste by escaping under doors or floorboards. Block those draughts! Invest in draught excluders (or try your hand at making your own) to stop heat escaping through doors. Treat yourself to a new rug (or two) and hang a thermal door curtain behind the front door. 

Top tip: a good way to identify the worst draughts is to burn incense sticks or candles as you go past doors and windows. If the flame blows out or if smoke is created then you’ve found your draught! 





Bleed the radiators

If your radiators have trapped air inside them then they won’t be able to fully heat up. Bleed them semi-regularly to not only keep your home warm, but also to save you money on your energy bills.

Loft insulation

Most of the heat in our homes escapes through the roof and walls. Investing in insulation can reduce energy waste and your bills. You can find loft roll in your local hardware store or contact a specialist. 

Dress your windows 

When it gets cold outside we make sure to wrap up, so do the same for your windows. Mend any broken seals and take down light-weight curtains, replacing them with heavier and thicker material, such as wool. 

Double glazing

If you’ve still got single glazing in your home, it might be time to make the upgrade this winter. It can be costly to get new windows installed, but it should be looked at as an investment. Double glazing, or, draught proofing will save you money on your energy bills in the long run and can also add value to your property.

Get baking

You’re going to love this one. Using your oven can heat up the whole house, so now you’ve got the perfect excuse to bake treats all day! 

If you’re thinking of selling this winter, contact VMH to arrange a free pre-sale valuation