Questions you should be asking when viewing a property

Questions you should be asking when viewing a property

It is hugely important to know what questions you should be asking when viewing a property.

As one of the biggest, and most expensive, decisions you will have to make in your life, it is crucial you understand all the ins and outs of the property you are viewing.

Data suggests the average viewer takes just 25 minutes viewing a property before they decide to buy it. So, it’s imperative to make sure that in that time you’re asking the right questions and getting the right answers.

What exactly is included in the sale?

Maybe the property comes with a garden shed or a greenhouse?

Do all the fixtures and fittings come with the property?

Where does the property boundary lie?

Double check with the estate agent that you know exactly what you are paying for and what you should expect in the sale.

How long has the property been on the market?

It’s always a good question to ask when viewing a property as it gives you an indication of how popular it is.

If a property has been on the market for over six months you need to ask why. We at VMH Edinburgh have a quick turnaround in listing our Edinburgh properties to sale – especially with properties selling in Edinburgh like hotcakes.

What’s the area like?

We live in Edinburgh so we love this area but everyone has their own tastes on where they want to live.

This can be a crucial question to ask if you are unfamiliar with the area.

Find out facts about the neighbourhood, where the local shops and schools are. Is is popular with families? Or is it more of a student location? Is crime a concern in the area?

How long have the owners lived in the property for?

If you are thinking of living in a new property long-term, it’s nice to know what type of family lived there and for how long. The longer the term, usually the happier they were.

Why are the owners moving?

This can be a rather interesting question to ask when viewing a property.

If the estate agent knows it is up to their discretion as to whether, or not, to inform you.

In most of the cases we have dealt with, people usually move for carer reasons or a growing family!

Any work done to the property?

It’s good to know what type of work, if any, has been done to the property.

Was there an extension fitted on, any previous leaks, damp etc.?

Alternatively, ask if there has been a recent full structural survey done on the property and examine the builder’s receipts.

Council Tax Band

This is also a handy question to ask when viewing a property.

Find out how much council tax you will be paying.

Additionally, ask what day the bins go out! It’s the small questions…

Energy Suppliers and other utilities

Where is the boiler and how efficient is it?

Who are the current suppliers for the water and electricity? Will you have to change?

A house with no water or electricity isn’t a house at all.

What’s the current price of the property?

And finally, the big one.

What’s the current price of the property?

What offers would the client accept?

There you have it. If you follow our handy guide of questions you should be asking when viewing a property, you’ll be on the right path.

You won’t leave the viewing wishing you had asked that question or wondering what happens where.

You want the transition into your home to be as straightforward as possible.

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