Market focus: Get your home listed now!

Selling a property can be a tricky task, but not if you have the right team behind you.

Having a reliable property solicitor or estate agent helping you every step of the way can boost your selling potential dramatically. Naturally a property solicitor plays a big role in the selling process so choosing the right one is crucial.

Every step of the way

When we say that we are with you ‘every step of the way’ we mean it! We offer support that you can rely on, with our dedicated team that don’t just stop at sales. They are there to provide extra support and advice for anything property related.

VMH come as a whole package, not just a property listing agency. Starting with the pre-sale valuation and finishing at the legal conveyancing, we will supply all the necessary help, guidance and advice wherever you need it in the process of selling your house.


With partners like ESPC and award-winning photographers, we help to create the ultimate package to cover every angle of selling your property.

As we are a registered ESPC solicitor estate agent we can advertise your property through their sites. ESPC is the No.1 property advertisement agency in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.

We also use award-winning photographers to capture your property’s best features and characteristics. A picture of a property is often the first impression a potential buyer gets, if these pictures are of poor quality this instantly puts the buyer off your home.

Ready to sell? Why sell in June?

As the weather is (slowly) improving, your house also comes into blossom which is why June is a great time to start listing your property.

In summer, homes come to life much more than what they do in winter. One example of this is in the garden. Unsurprisingly, gardens look much healthier in the summer months when the flowers are in bloom, the trees have their leaves back and the grass is a luscious green again.

This makes the outside of the property much more attractive and inviting.

Not only does the garden look brighter again, the sun’s natural light opens up the interior of the house, creating a fresh environment.

Using natural light as well as artificial light can make rooms look more spacious.

With new school years starting in September parents will already be looking at properties to coincide with the term times. Looking at properties in June means that they have the whole summer holiday period to move into the property.

Getting on the market

VMH help you with your first step getting onto the property ladder, we offer a free pre-sale valuation which includes a detailed pre-sale marketing report and free quotation.

After the pre-sale valuation is conducted the next step is for a home report to take place. This is where we arrange for a charted surveyor to visit your home and inspect the property further. The HR is a legal requirement which indicates to potential sellers all the necessary information from energy efficiency to any potential issues.

Once all the necessary improvements and surveys are completed the next step is to arrange a photoshoot of your property for the listing. Our first-class photography partner will capture all the great aspects of your house but make sure that your house is decluttered and ready first!

At this stage the VMH team will have received all the necessary information to create a brochure for your property and will start to draft the listing.

Once completed they will send it to you for approval, share advice on the property pricing and confirm how you want to handle viewings.

And that’s it! Once everything is confirmed your property will go live on VMH and other advertising portals ready for potential buyers.

If you are ready to sell your property in Edinburgh and the Lothians, take the first step and talk to us today to book your free pre-sale valuation online.