Five reasons to sell your Edinburgh property with a Solicitor Estate Agent

Selling your Edinburgh property with a full-service Solicitor Estate Agent backing you comes with a raft of advantages.

When selling your property, you want the very best help available to maximise interest. Just like a captain steering a ship to harbour, you want someone fully qualified and professional at the heart of the action.

Solicitor Estate Agents have your best interests in mind and actively endeavour to get the best deal for you.

Here’s five reasons to sell your home with a full-service Solicitor Estate Agent.


We love property here at VMH and we understand the Edinburgh property market like the back of our hand.

We’ve been around for more than 30 years now and have sold properties of all shapes, sizes and prices in that time. With every new property that comes into our hand, we give it the due diligence it richly deserves.

Closing dates are getting shorter and properties are getting snapped up faster. Just last week one of our properties was purchased within two weeks of putting it on the market. Now, that’s a fast turnaround!

We also take care of all the legal documents that come with selling a property, so you don’t have to.


Another reason to sell your home with a Solicitor Estate Agent, like ours, is the access it gives you to our marketing services.

You get web advertising on our own website, ESPC, On the Market and Zoopla.

We also place your property in our shop windows and design your sale brochures.

Edinburgh market

The Edinburgh property market is currently booming and this current growth is likely to continue.

A recent report published by ESPC highlights that the median selling time for properties in Edinburgh is just 15 days – in line with our own experience.

The reason for properties selling so fast in Edinburgh? Demand and the expertise that a full-service Solicitor Estate Agent possesses to get your property in front of potential customers’ eyes.

Business connections

We’ve been in this industry for quite some time now and we’ve made plenty of friends along the way.

At VMH, we are a part of ESPC, which allows us further access to marketing and a greater network of contacts.

That means we have more people behind the scenes helping to make the sale of your property a reality.

For example, we have unprecedented access to some of the best property photographers in the business and we all know how important getting the right photos of your properties can be.

Artful negotiators

Negotiating is part of an estate agency’s skillset when selling your home.

We are highly skilled when negotiations enter the bidding battle stage, juggling multiple offers and recommending what offer to accept.

We will also recommend if/when you should put a closing date on your property.

We at VMH always have your best interests at heart when selling your property. These five reasons for using a full-service Solicitor Estate Agent like ours highlight our core values – we want you to come out of the selling process as a highly satisfied seller.

Thinking of selling a property? Speak to a member of the VMH Property Team here today.