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A Festive look at the Edinburgh Property Market

We’re sure everyone will be sick and tired of the phrase ‘changing interest rates’ and ‘cost of living crisis.’  VMH are here to offer a positive, festive take on the Edinburgh property market and open some doors for those looking to sell their homes and take advantage of this diluted market.

Fewer property listings means those on the market can enjoy increased buyer exposure and drum up competitive interest from resolute buyers who are also looking to weather this wintry climate and make their way up the property ladder.



As we’ll all be well aware, Spring is widely viewed as the optimal time to sell a home, with a vast majority of the ESPC’s Instagram followers, (67%) sharing in this opinion when polled.  Unsurprisingly, there are more properties on the market during the spring months, but the Edinburgh market is unique in its resilience and it’s worth noting that things do not cool off to the same extent here in the capital.

Some buyer’s situations will be time sensitive, and they will not have the luxury of holding out until the Spring to purchase their new homes.  This, coupled with a relatively quieter market presents a unique, lucrative opportunity for sellers to maximise exposure and drum up some serious interest.


Tips For Selling Your Home In Winter

If indeed you are looking to take a punt at the winter market here are a number of ways you can grab a buyer’s attention and maximise your chances of securing your sale.  Some of our top tips include:



Unsurprisingly, pricing will be integral to the success of your sale. It determines what market demographic will be attracted and the speed of the sale.  A good estate agent will be able to use the tools at their disposal to accurately value a property and be able to justify the figure through property comparisons and market trends.  A property is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it and so a reputable, diligent estate agent can be the difference in a frosty, muffled market.


First Impressions Count

Something as simple as a freshly painted front door will ensure your home catches the eye of your desired audience.  Always ensure your house number, or name, is easy to spot, and polish any brass door fixtures to draw the buyer’s eye.




Warm Vibes

Not only will a warm home be more comfortable for the buyer at the time of viewing, but the temperature of your property also gives potential buyers a gauge of its heat retention – and a rough idea of heating bills!  Emphasise the warm atmosphere with a generous display of throws, blankets and cushions in bedrooms and living rooms.  Woven textiles are a fan favourite and should be draped over armchairs, sofas and window seats. If you have wooden flooring or tiles, it could be an idea to add soft rugs for comfort and colour under foot. 






Let There Be Light

With the winter months brings earlier, darker evenings, however there are a few ways you can still maximise your property’s aesthetic potential.  Firstly, ensure that you are maximising any natural light you do get by cleaning all your windows, trimming any surrounding foliage and encouraging your estate agent to schedule viewings during the lightest portion of the day.


To combat the early nights, it can also be useful to install some outdoor lighting, particularly if you have a driveway, or front garden. This will make your home look more welcoming from afar.


Here at VMH, we know property and we have a finger firmly on the market’s pulse.  Contact us: or on 0131 622 2626 and one of our property experts will be happy to get the ball rolling on your sale.  Winter is not only a time for hibernation and festivities.  Take full advantage of this resilient winter market with VMH SOLICITORS!


New Year, New Us

On a separate note, after 30 years, we have shut up shop at our South Clerk Street office and begin the next chapter at our new office at 8 Sibbald Walk, Edinburgh, EH8 8FT.  VMH is here for all of your conveyancing and private client needs and so please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can!