You’ve got multiple offers on your home: What to do next?

Selling can be an exciting time, especially when your home has attracted so much interest that you’ve ended up with multiple offers.  In a very competitive Edinburgh property market this is not an uncommon occurrence.

If you are thinking the more offers the better – you are right but remember to be careful and follow our guide on how best to approach this lucrative dilemma to ensure you find the right buyer.


Simple but very effective.

It can be very exciting to see multiple offers on the table for your property but remain cool, calm and collected – we still have a lot of work ahead of us!

What are you goals? Do you need to sell quickly in order to move?  Do you have a job in another city?  Remember your motivation for selling and act accordingly.


Unless you are happy with one of the offers already received, the best way to deal with multiple offers is to set a closing date on your property.  This allows all interested parties the opportunity to submit their top offer, giving them the best chance of securing your property.


Once you have all the offers on the table its time to evaluate them.

Spend time looking at the logistics of each offer.  Evaluate the details of each and relate back to your motivations for selling.  Is the highest price the best option for you?  What is the buyer’s position – can they complete within your timeframe?

If the numbers of are off-putting, don’t worry.  VMH understand our client’s goals and will always recommend which offer is best for you in terms of projection and your selling motivation.


One you’ve made your decision your sales negotiator will take to all parties involved and look to get the ball rolling.

One thing to bear in mind is that if, unfortunately, the deal falls through because the buyer had a change of heart or couldn’t get their finances in place, you personally know that there is more than enough interest on your property so sourcing another suitable buyer shouldn’t take any time at all.

VMH Edinburgh are masters in negotiating multiple offers on your home. Thinking of selling? Talk to a member of the VMH team here.