Why we chose AstroTurf for our garden

Our Tzana and her husband recently chose to install Astroturf on their property. Here’s why:

Earlier this year, my husband and I purchased our first home – a two bedroom flat in a modern development at The Shore, Leith, with the added bonus of having a huge private outdoor patio terrace.

As with any new purchase, we were slowly completing work around the property so that it looks shiny and new.  The biggest and most obvious eye-sore was our outdoor area covered in overgrowth and debris.

We were limited with what we could do because the terrace is on top of a commercial premise and drainage would be an issue if we had lawn.  The terrace is also northeast facing and, in Scotland, where we get very little sunshine even at the best of times, this could be an issue.

Even with the concrete slabs, the lack of sunshine and constant rain would leave us with nothing but mud, moss and general garden waste.

With the geography and weather against us, we knew that we’d have to be creative and think outside of the box.  We have a lovely little pup, Hoopey the Yorkie, and it was important to us to have a pet friendly solution that was low maintenance, easy on the eyes and that we could enjoy all year round.

I researched various options that were available to us and we decided to invest in AstroTurf. Have we done the right thing with our faux grass or has this been an ultimate faux pas?

Here’s how we broke it down:

Pros –

It’s GREEN all year round

Low maintenance

Great for all types of weather

It lasts…. No wear and tear, no matter how much it’s used

Perfect for areas that don’t get a lot of sun such as Balconies & Roof Terraces

Pet and kid friendly

Can be laid straight onto concrete – which is ideal for our situation


We couldn’t really find any

What is AstroTurf?

It’s a mixture of plastics laid out in carpet-style that’s made to closely resemble natural grass.  When it is installed, you need to have an underlay put down to ensure the area is shock absorbent.  This is where the “pet/ child friendly” benefit comes in.

There are various types and grades of artificial grass.  The grades are based on the number of blades per square meter, whether the blades are of differing heights and how realistic it looks.

We chose our AstroTurf because we felt it looked the most realistic in colour.  It consisted of three blades of grass and the fibres were short and curly. The grass was also coloured brown, green and yellow to give it more of a natural look.

Photo 05-08-2016, 4 46 16 pm

How is artificial grass installed?

There are tutorials on how to lay it yourself but we opted for a company called Evermore Artificial Grass. They offer free quotations and home inspections and were really professional every step of the way.

After seeing the final result, we were extremely happy that we used them. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to have this done at their home.

The installation of the artificial grass usually takes about two days. One day to excavate your current lawn and lay the sand and underlay. The second day for the actual laying of the artificial grass.

The installation was very similar to laying carpet.  The underlay is put in place and then the artificial grass is rolled out.  It is then stretched tightly across the area and secured to a base with spikes in the edging to hold the grass in place.

Large staples are used where the seams meet. We were surprised that we couldn’t see any spikes or staples anywhere – they were hidden so well!  The team came in at 10am one morning and finished that afternoon.  It was super quick.

How much does it cost?

Our quote was approximately £35 per square metre.  This included the purchase of the artificial grass product, the underlay and the cost for labour.

We decided not to do our entire patio terrace and, instead, chose to cover about three quarters of the area – this totalled about 75 square metres of our patio terrace.

We also decided that it was well worth the investment when we took into account the money we were spending on weed killer and maintenance to keep the area looking nice.  We feel that we’ve managed to add value to our property by creating a wonderful outdoor area, sure to capture competitive interest if we ever came to selling in the future.

Are there any maintenance costs?

This stuff is heavy duty and is made to last.  You should be able to use it and not have any issues.

However, every three years or so, it is recommended that you look to lightly spruce up the grass. You can do this by getting a few bags of sand to pour on to the grass and then hire an industrial brush to brush the sand into the grass to help refresh the blades and brush them up.

My husband and I really do love it. But the biggest fan of all has to be Hoopey the Yorkie.