Top tips for staying warm and cosy this winter

With the long nights drawing in and the temperatures falling it’s important to get your home ready for the cold. Besides sticking the heating on and chucking on a jumper, what else can you do to make sure you stay warm and cosy this winter?

Stop drafts

Make sure that when you’ve got the heating on it’s not just going to waste and block those drafts! Invest in draft excluders to stop heat escaping through doors and replace any broken seals around windows throughout the house.

A good way to identify the worst spots for drafts in your house is to buy some incense sticks and burn them as you go past doors and windows.

Bleed the radiators

If your radiators have trapped air inside them then they won’t be able to fully heat up, so make sure to bleed them semi-regularly. This won’t only make sure your home can keep warm but will also save you money on your energy bills.

Loft insulation

Most of the heat in our homes escapes through the roof and walls so to try and reduce this by getting some insulation installed. You can find loft roll in your local hardware store and getting this in your attic will make sure you keep heat in and save energy.

Change the curtains

When it gets cold outside we make sure to wrap up warm, so do the same for your windows. Take down any light curtains and replace them with ones made of heavier and thicker material such as wool to keep warm on those particularly nippy nights.

Get baking

You’re going to love this one. Using your oven can heat up the whole house so now you’ve got the perfect excuse to bake treats all day. If anyone asks why you’re finishing of your third batch of cookies you can just tell them you’re simply doing your bit to keep everyone warm and cosy this winter.

Double glazing

If you’ve still got single glazing in your home, it’s time to make the upgrade this winter. It can be costly to get new windows installed but it should be looked at as an investment as it will save you money on your energy bills in the long run and can also add value to your property.

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