VMH Area Focus: Morningside

The urban area lies in the south-west of Edinburgh, around 2-3 miles from the city centre and has formerly homed some of Scotland’s most famous writers including Ian Rankin and J.K. Rowling.

VMH Area Focus: Portobello

Portobello property is always sought after and the seaside suburb lies four miles east of the city centre and is perfect for families and those looking to commute to the city for work.

VMH Staff Focus: Stacey Wilson

Welcome to the ninth instalment of the VMH, Edinburgh property, ”Get to Know the Team” series. Today we are getting to know Stacey that little bit better…

5 Steps to declutter your home this Christmas

We know that sitting down to declutter your home can seem like a challenge but it’s best to tackle it one room at a time. Here’s our five steps to decluttering your home this Christmas.

How to sell your home: The complete step-by-step guide

Looking to sell your property but not sure where to start? The decisions you make on this journey could either save or cost you thousands of pounds. That’s why we stress the importance of having the entire sale process mapped out.

Take a look at our step-by-step guide to selling your home:

Edinburgh property: Focus on Newington

Edinburgh Property: Newington

This vibrant area in the south side of Edinburgh is only a 15-minute walk from Princes Street and is the main hub of Edinburgh’s student community.

Property Focus: East Lothian

East Lothian property focus

Birthplace of the Scottish flag and officially one of the sunniest areas of Scotland, East Lothian, which borders Edinburgh and Midlothian, is an ideal location for those looking to live near the capital.

FEATURED PROPERTY: The Pines, Edinburgh

In a perfect location for the family not wanting to live in the heart of Edinburgh, but also not too far away to just be out of reach of all it has to offer; The Pines could be the perfect property for your growing family.

Tips for selling your property if you have pets

Most property owners these days will have a pet of some kind. Even though you love them and they are dear to you, having a pet can somewhat upset your chances of selling your property if you don’t take a few easy steps.

Closing dates explained

Ever been nervous or confused about the issues around closing dates when you’re buying or selling a property? You’re not alone! We at VMH have put this helpful guide together for you.

Market focus: Get your home listed now!

Having a reliable property solicitor or estate agent helping you every step of the way can boost your selling potential dramatically. Naturally a property solicitor plays a big role in the selling process so choosing the right one is crucial.