Selling Your Home in Summer

Summer has arrived and the kids will soon be on holiday for what seems like eternity! Its easy to see why many sellers think it might be best to hold off marketing their home until September for fear that the market might take a dip whilst families flee for the school break.




We are here to tell you that Summer can be as good a time to sell as any, so long as you are market ready & available to open your door to viewers.

Selling Your Home in Summer

First thing’s first, contact us for a Presale Valuation. This is a free, no obligation service which allows us to assess the size and condition of your property. Not only will you be provided with an estimated valuation, but our Valuer will also provide you with feedback on your property and some tips on how best to present your home.

Ready to market?

Now that you know what your home is worth its time to prep your home for your photo-shoot & home report survey. Here are our top tips for preparing your property for the Summer market…

Give your property kerb appeal!

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Whether you have a private driveway and garden or a shared stairwell, its vital that the entrance to your home is welcoming. After all, the exterior hints at the style and condition of the property to follow.

Sweep away any debris, hide the wheelie bins, pop some plant pots at your front door and polish that door knob and knocker. If you share a stairwell, wash the floors and take down any out of date notices.

Clean & Clear

You’ve probably not long finished your Spring cleaning, but its time to get the feather duster back out. Use this time time to arrange rooms to make the best of floor space and set them up according to their original purpose. For example, ensure your lounge doesn’t also house your home office; turn a boxroom in to a study with handy storage space; keep children’s toys in the bedroom or play room.

De-clutter. You are going to have to pack anyway, so you might as well start now! Use your attic, shed, garage (and car if you have to) to pack away some of your belongings.

Natural Light

Summer is the perfect time for buyers as they don’t have to worry about viewing the property before the sun goes down! Enhance natural light in your home by keeping curtains and blinds open. Remember, if you have dark corners or north-facing rooms, switch on some lamps and use reflective surfaces to create the illusion of that Summer sun streaming in.

Fresh & Airy

We all know that in Winter we like a home to feel warm and cosy, well in Summer we like it to fresh and airy. Open windows and patio doors and add Summer scents with fresh flowers and diffusers.

The Additional Room

Clean up your garden! A well-maintained garden can often feel like additional room. Show the potential of your garden by cutting the grass, adding some Summer plants and switching that trampoline and plastic slide for table and chairs. Accessorise just as you would indoors to create a relaxing space, ideal for dining al fresco!

If you have a property to sell and would like some local advice contact us today.