Selling your first home: A step by step guide

Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye to your first home but buying a new one comes with so many great benefits such as more space, a better location and more added features.

Selling your first home does not need to be daunting. If you follow our step by step guide the whole process can be as free flowing and as hassle free as possible.

Adhere to these steps, and you will be in your new home in no time at all. This is supposed to be a very exciting time!

Get your finances together

This is important. Do you have an outstanding mortgage currently on your property? It’s important to speak to your mortgage lender and instruct them that you are considering selling your home. They should be able to iron out all the details.

Use a reputable property solicitor and estate agent

Next you will need a team of professionals to really help you get your house on the property market.

Firstly, they will advise you on how much your property is currently worth in the market and even when to sell.

When you start receiving offers for your property, a solicitor will be able to help with the whole transfer of goods, or conveyancing.

Without a dedicated team behind you, selling your property will be one tough task.

Staging your home

Make sure your home is in tiptop shape ready for potential buyers coming through those doors. Fix your interiors and exteriors. Remove all extra furnishings and attend to any further obvious repairs.

We advise getting professional photos of your property taken to help market it. We can help with this.

Next steps

During this time, it is advised you have a plan of what your next moves are.

How many of these questions do you have the answers to?

Have you been looking at other properties?

Do you have another property lined up immediately afterwards to move in to?

There is a lot to consider but it is best to have everything set in place.


No matter what the offer, your estate agent or property solicitor will keep you notified of every offer that comes through. It is then up to you what offer you decide to accept.

Afterwards, the solicitor shall process the paperwork and the exchange of goods and before you know it, you are a first-time seller. Congrats!

The whole process of selling your first property is simple and easy. As long as you remain organised and hire a reputable estate agent property solicitor…ahem, the overall transition can be smooth and straightforward.

Thinking of selling a property in 2017? Then contact a member of the VMH Edinburgh team here.