Getting ready to sell your family home: Top tips for staging photos

If you are thinking of selling your family home, then one of the first things you have to consider is getting your property photo-ready.

Photos of your property are usually the first point of call for a potential viewer – they are usually viewed online or in an estate agent’s branch. Get the photos wrong and you won’t even have anyone turn up to view your property.

The reality is taking amazing pictures of your property takes effort.

Tidy and declutter

Pretty simple, but effective. Get rid of unnecessary clutter, items blocking the hallway and knick-knacks that just make your home look messy. A clean and mess-free property will give the illusion of there being more space.

A couple of tips we would advise on include: always be sure to make your bed and removing rugs and mats in hallways and bedrooms also helps to add more space.


Pull back those drapes, open those blinds and get as much natural light in the property as you possibly can.

We suggest taking photos of your property around afternoon time, when the sun is at its peak. This allows the light to flood through your property and add that authentic crispness to your belongings. The timing of the day is crucial when considering what type of feel you are going for.

Get the lighting wrong and potential viewers won’t hesitate to overlook your property.

Play with angles

Would the shot look better landscape or portrait?

Take a knee and shoot upwards is a great tip. This usually allows the picture to catch more light, capture more space and look more attractive.

Pictures that are taken from a lower height catch people’s attention more than pictures that are taken head on at average head height.


Take lots of photos, the more the merrier!

Looking back through the photos, critique yourself. Make sure there are no stray wires in the shots, the photos are well lit and they ultimately look attractive.

Ask your friends and family to get involved by asking for their opinion. These people will most likely be your final port of call before the photos go live. It’s best to get as many different perspectives as possible.

For best results, get a professional in

Regardless of how amazing you think your own property shots look, the reality is they probably won’t be as good as those taken by a professional photographer.

A good property photographer can really give your listing the x-factor. You might actually be surprised how budget-friendly many quality photographers are. If you’re really committed to selling your home, then the little investment in a professional photographer could be worth it.

At VMH, we can help you get the right property photographer for your home listing.

If you are thinking of selling a property and would like some advice on capturing the most attractive photos of your house to showcase it, then let VMH Edinburgh know today.