Edinburgh property market BOOMING: Get your property listed now!

Get your property listed

The Edinburgh property market is currently thriving and we are selling properties like hotcakes here at VMH Edinburgh.

If you follow our social channels you will have noticed we are offering no upfront marketing fees if you market your property before February 14. That means you don’t have to pay a penny until your property sells.

January and February are always extremely busy with property buyers gluing their eyes to the property market ready to snap up available listings.

2017 so far has been no exception.

Edinburgh property market BOOMING

Some of our properties generate so much interest that we must set a closing date within weeks of listing it.

10/6 Hillside Street went live on the market Jan 11 with an asking price at offers over £295,000 – a closing date has now been set for Jan 24.

4/1 North Fort Street went on the market Jan 4 and has a closing date for Jan 25. That means the property would have been on the market for 3 weeks with offer over £270,000.

Similarly, 2/10 Leslie Place went on the market Jan 9 and has a closing date set for Jan 26. Again, that means the property would have been on the market for around 3 weeks with offers this time of over £230,000.

Think that’s impressive?

8/12 Salamander Court has a closing date set for Jan 27 after being on the market for just 8 days! The property has already generated 8 notes of interest.

14 Meadowbank Place went on the market Jan 9 and the seller has already agreed an offer above the original valuation after only 8 days on the market!

With the Edinburgh property market simply booming, we are selling properties so fast that they barely stay on the market for even 3 weeks. Now, that’s what we call being effective.

We need your properties!

Remember, if you list your property with us before Feb 14, you are also able to take advantage of our no upfront marketing fees offer!

Why wait?

If you’re thinking of getting your property listed talk to us at VMH Edinburgh today here.