Edinburgh property focus: Leith Walk 

Leith Walk  is one of Edinburgh’s longest stretching roads. It is the main route which connects the port area of Leith to the city centre.  

The area is thriving with property, culture, entertainment and boasts amenities in abundance.  

From the well-known area you can reach Easter Road, The Shore, Leith Links and more. For anyone thinking about moving to Edinburgh, you will have, undoubtably, heard of Leith Walk. 

So why should you move to Leith Walk, Edinburgh? Here, we reveal everything you need to know about one of Edinburgh’s most popular areas. 


Leith Walk has always been an area of Edinburgh which has played an important role in housing the capital’s residents throughout the years. 

Prior to tenement buildings, Leith Walk was primarily rural in character with several nurseries dotted along its length.  

Mansion houses were built in the early 19th century and took up position primarily on the west side. When tenement construction commenced, in the 1870s, these projects mostly took part on the east side. That’s why to this day, either side of Leith Walk has two different characters, to some extent.  

Leith Walk also comprises of highly notable buildings, rich in history. Built in 1902, MacDonald library still stands to this day. Built in a baronial renaissance style to designs by H Ramsay Taylor, the building is arguably the most architecturally distinguished building on the Walk. 

Make your way to the Foot of the Walk and you will find what once was the main station building of Leith Central Station. Although the railway shed was demolished in the late 1980s, the structure itself still stands to this day. With that, the Central Bar still stands – decorated from floor to ceiling with over 250,000 Staffordshire Potteries tiles with four tiled murals depicting sporting pursuits such as golf and more.  

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Posted by VMH Solicitors on Friday, 24 August 2018

Leith Walk Property 

Leith Walk in 2018 is undergoing further property developments. More so the introduction of further student accommodation and affordable living, adding to the existing impressive, character-filled properties already in residence on the Walk.  

Properties on Leith Walk are in-keeping with the current demand for properties throughout the whole of Edinburgh. Typically, a 1-bedroom sells in the £120,000 – £160,000 whilst a 2 or 3-bedroom property will be around £210,000 – £380,000. It really depends on the property itself and the area in which it lies, as the encompassing Leith Walk area is particularly large.  

Follow the route down Leith Walk and you will arrive at the docks district of Edinburgh, Leith Links. This public park extends to around 46 acres and is divided into two main areas, a western and an eastern section. A popular area of Edinburgh that is surrounded by greenery, Leith Links is a superb area of Edinburgh live in and visit.

 Food, drink and other amenities 

If you’re looking for that little cherry on top that sells Leith Walk to you then, well, where do we begin? There’s so much to choose from! 

For all your shopping needs there is a large Tesco at the foot of the walk, closely neighboured by a LIDL. 

Leith Walk does feel like the area is going through a somewhat gentrification process, so there are a variety of bars and restaurants to choose from.  

Fancy a more IPA-focused bar with vegan nachos on the menu? Try Brass Monkey or give the Lioness of Leith a shot. More of a pint with the Missus and watch the football? Don’t worry, there’s loads of those pubs too, try Robbies or the Mousetrap. 

There’s restaurants for every palette, whether it may be Los Cardos or La Favorita, there’s plenty to choose from. 

And remember, just because you’re on Leith Walk doesn’t mean that you need to stay true to the area and not go out and investigate further afield. The Shore is close by with further alternatives, or perhaps you can feel brave and tackle Edinburgh’s city centre. 

If you fancy a day out why not try an escape room, paint-balling or try your hand at playing virtual reality games – there’s so much for the whole family to enjoy. 

Has that sold Leith Walk to you? 

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