Edinburgh property focus: Canonmills

Canonmills is a district of Edinburgh that lies to the south east of the Royal Botanic Gardens and east of Stockbridge. Derived from the Canons of Holyrood and the mills on the Water of Leith, Canonmills is a much sought-after location for aspiring homeowners.


King David I granted the locals land in 1128 which allowed them to ground corn and bake goods on. Business boomed, resulting in the mills being sold between Kings and councils over the centuries.

Farms and cottages were eventually built around the mills. However, sadly, only one of the original structures remains today – The Canon Mill, which dates back to the early 18th century and can be found on the corner of Eyre Place and Canon Street.

Much of early Canonmills was originally a loch which had to be drained throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, disappearing finally in 1865.

Edinburgh property

Much has changed since those days and the area now has a very different feel to it. Canonmills has a mixture of housing and flats, both modern and old but nothing pre-Victorian.

The area itself is perfect for first time buyers, families or working professionals.

We currently have a great property available near this area – 4/1 Powderhall Rigg – perfect if you’re looking to create your own little piece of history here.

At the weekend you can enjoy a stroll along the Water of Leith or take the kids to St. Mark’s Park.

Fun fact: Powderhall used to be a former estate, originally named after a gunpowder manufacturer.

Food, drink and other amenities

The area has come a long way since the days of only producing ground corn. But fear not, Canonmills still has plenty of shops, delis, bars and restaurants to enjoy.

Our favourites include grabbing a coffee at Artisan Roast, a Friday cocktail at Treacle, or a date night meal at The Other Place.

There is also a large Tesco superstore at the foot of Broughton – perfect for those bigger family shops.

If Canonmills sounds like the ideal property location for you, then contact a member of the VMH team here.