What to look for when buying your first Edinburgh property

When buying your first Edinburgh property there are a number of important items you must check, and questions you must ask, to ensure you know absolutely everything you need to about the property.

Would you skim over a property in 15 minutes and not check it out properly if you were to live in it? Chances are you wouldn’t. So, let VMH Edinburgh help you by detailing what to look out for when viewing your very first Edinburgh property.


The main signs of damp include a mouldy smell, watermarked walls and flaky plaster. Damp can creep up anywhere so it’s vital to remain vigilant when viewing a property. Look closely at skirting boards and in the corner of ceilings. Check that there are ample windows and radiators as regular air circulation and heating can prevent damp becoming an issue.

Building structure

Is the building structurally sound? Have a look at bay windows, any potential extensions and terrace walls? Are there any hairline cracks? If you have doubts, ask if there has been a surveyor in to audit the property. The last thing you want is your new Edinburgh property crumbling away.


How much storage room is there? Chances are you will need to pack away those Christmas decorations and extra shoes somewhere. So, it’s important to not only imagine yourself in your new home, but also where to store all your extra necessities.


You don’t need us to tell you that it gets pretty cold in Edinburgh. Make sure the window frames don’t have cracking paint and ask the estate agent if the windows are double glazed. If there is condensation between the double-glazed window panes it means that they may need repaired or replaced.


The average life expectancy of a new roof is around 20 years, depending on the materials, so replacing roofs can be an expensive business. Cast your eyes at the slates or tiles to see if any are askew and ask your estate agent the last time the roof was repaired. The last thing you want is the Scottish weather coming down on you and your family.

Power sockets

When inspecting your potential new Edinburgh property, keep an eye out for power sockets, especially in the living-room and bedroom areas. This saves your house becoming flooded with extension cables.

Whilst you’re at it check out the fuse board and the state of the wiring – does it look outdated and old? Question it!


It might sound silly but give the taps a quick run. It pays to be thorough!

Question the pipe insulation and the age of the boiler. You don’t want to be left cold this winter.

Edinburgh property

We at VMH know Edinburgh like the back of our hand so there’s nothing we won’t know about the property location. But it’s always worthwhile to ask – what’s the area like; is it a quiet location; closest links to public transport etc?

Schools and local amenities

This is especially important if you are planning on moving to a new Edinburgh property with a family. Ask your estate agent where the local schools are, as well as the nearest shops, post office and banks.

It pays to ask all these questions before committing to placing an offer on a property you might not be 100 per cent sure about. We want you to feel confident but, more importantly, we want you to fall in love with your new property.

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