Buying your family home in Edinburgh

Buying your first family home in Edinburgh and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! It’s not as scary as it sounds. Your friendly team at VMH Edinburgh have put together this advice to help you and your family make your next move the best one.

Stick to budget

One major factor when searching for a new home is to ensure you stick to your budget, especially when buying a family home.

As much as an eight-bedroom house with a huge garden and pool may be on your wish list, the financial reality may not cater for that just yet.

Don’t forget buying a two-bedroom property and splitting a larger bedroom into two can, in some cases, be cheaper than buying a three-bedroom property.


Families grow and needs change so take this into consideration when looking for a new home. For example, if you currently have younger children don’t forget in a couple of years they’ll be double the size and your new home needs to cater to that.

Cots will turn into children’s beds and then into an adult size beds – you need to ensure that the bedroom space is large enough for that change.

Not only that, but your family could expand in years to come meaning there needs to be an opportunity for another room to be converted into a bedroom.

For now, a spare room could be a guest room or home office but in the future it may have to be converted into a nursery – keep that in mind.


For families with younger children, finding the right school is just as important as finding the right home – sometimes this could even be the main motivator for buying a house.

Local councils and the Government website will indicate the schools in your potential area but it is always a good idea to check them out for yourself to get a feel for the place.

When visiting or researching the schools you may want to consider the student intake and classroom sizes as well as extra-curricular activities and level of parent involvement.

If you have a couple of houses in mind when considering schools, don’t forget about the travel distance for the kids – Is it within walking distance or will they need to catch a bus every day?


It is always important to picture yourself in the potential house you are viewing, and one of the best situations to do this is to picture morning and night routines.

In the mornings, is it essential to have two bathrooms or will one suffice? Similarly at night is it essential to have a separate dining room for a big family table or will a bigger kitchen fit just fine?

It is also a good idea to think about special events such as Christmas and birthdays where the whole family may come over.

Picture these scenarios to create a plan or checklist to what your family needs, and look for that.


A garden is an escape for all family members, especially in summer. The benefits of a property with a garden are obvious. When you’re viewing potential family homes, ask yourself: ‘Is this garden big enough for the whole family?’

Consider whether you would need to improve security in the garden for younger children and think about how much sun it gets. There’s nothing worse than a garden that sits permanently in the shade!

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