Buying a home outside Edinburgh? Here’s your commuting guide!

Nearly 100,000 people travel to Edinburgh for work. If you’re planning on buying a home outside Edinburgh and commuting to work, there are a few things you need to consider before you buy.

Mode of transport

The mode of transport you plan on using will affect the type and location of the property you will want to purchase.

Car – If you plan on travelling by car you are will be looking for a property with secure parking either on site or nearby. You will also, ideally, want a property with a reasonably direct route nearby. Travelling for an hour on rickety roads to and from work is not going to be enjoyable.

Train – If you are planning to travel by train then you either want to be within walking distance of the station or be able to park your car nearby.

Bus – Edinburgh buses are great for commuting. You’re not only doing your bit for the planet but they can be a more direct way to get to work. There are buses to just about anywhere, just make sure you know how long your journey will take as it isn’t as quick as driving yourself.

Obviously if you can, walking and cycling are great ways of avoiding the rush hour traffic. Although the further away you move from your work the less likely it is that this is an option.

Travel times

Rush hour, no matter which mode of transport you choose, will always cause problems for commuters. Are you close enough that commuting as part of your daily routine is sustainable? If not, you may be better suited to a property closer to work.

Cost of travel

If you have a rough idea of how much commuting will cost you, you can factor this into your budget. Of course these do no need to be exact but it is always good to have a rough figure in mind before you buy a house. Remember if you are travelling by car or using the car to get to the station there may be added parking cost to take into account.


If you have to spend time commuting, you may need to find someone to pick the kids up from nursery/school. If they are old enough to walk home, is the home close enough to the school? Do you have any friends or relatives nearby?

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